[Samba] Possible bug with Samba and LDAP

Erik Horn Erik_Horn at beavton.k12.or.us
Fri Nov 5 00:04:44 GMT 2004

Configuration Overview:

OS:		Fedora Core 2
Samba:	3.0.7-2  (as distributed) configured as a PDC using ldap for
authentication info
LDAP:		openldap 2.1.29

Ever since we upgraded to Samba 3 we've been having problems with users
randomly getting disconnected from our server. I have managed to trace the
problem down to our LDAP server. Our LDAP server is configured with
idletimeout 60. This closes any ldap connections that are idle for more
than a minute, which keeps the number of open connections to the ldap
server down to a reasonable level (around 100) rather than one per active
session on the server (1000+).

After Samba gets disconnected from the LDAP server, then tries to access
it, it receives a SIGPIPE and dies, disconnecting the user. Ideally, Samba
should re-attach to the LDAP server and continue working without any

This same LDAP server option was used for years with Samba 2.x without any

For now, I'm going to reconfigure my LDAP server to work around the
problem. Does anybody else have any ideas that might help?



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