[Samba] Slow Mapped Drive

Josh Popp popp at trdlnk.com
Thu Nov 4 23:59:51 GMT 2004

I have a couple Samba servers running on Solaris (9 4/04) & FreeBSD
(5.21) that work well (can't remember which version of Samba).  I have a
Windows XP Pro box with SP2 on my client.  I've set up a Samba server on
a Mandrake 9 Linux box (I think it's Samba 3.04) and when I browse to it
via Network Neighborhood, I get right in.


If I map a drive from my XP client, every time I open up Windows
Explorer, it takes about 30 seconds to "unfreeze" and then shows me my
Explorer window, which is set to open up in My Documents, which is
located on the client.  I can then look in the mapped linux samba share
and it shows data.


If before it unfreezes and I try to exit the program, I have to End


If I disconnect the Linux Samba share, the problem no longer occurs.


I'm wondering if it's the version of Samba I'm running or if there are
special considerations for the Linux implementation of Samba?


I have Mandrake 10 and I think I'll install that this weekend and see
which version comes with that or if I had gotten it off of
rpmfind.net... I don't remember setting it up...


Any thoughts?  I'm sure I need to get the versions of Samba I'm running,
but my ISP, Speakeasy has been fighting with SBC about SBC making my
connection inoperable for the last week... so I can't just ssh in and
get the info...


I'll post a summary following any suggestions or if my own experiments
yield success.


Josh Popp

jpopp at trdlnk.com

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