[Samba] netlogon scripts for machines / groups - possible?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Nov 4 16:07:14 GMT 2004

> Is it possible to execute also a "machine script" (for installing 
> software etc.), and "group script" (users belonging to a certain group 
> should have specific settings applied)?

You can dynamically generate the script on the server if you're crafty 
with the prelogon parameters.  I attach one to the profile share (since 
the client hits that before netlogon) and generate the script based on 
the user's group membership as returned by the groups <username> command 
on the server side.  You can find my posting on it in the archives.

The machine part could probably be done as well under my setup, since 
all you're doing is passing parameters to a perl script.  Actually 
installing software could be a little dicey however, since you have to 
worry about user permissions and such, but you can always check if the 
user has admin privileges with ifmember or something similar.  And then 
there's 3rd party tools, which I won't comment on out of ignorance on 
their operation.

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