[Samba] Password server is not connected.

Roberto Molinari Roberto.Molinari at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 3 18:10:03 GMT 2004

Hi Paul, thanks for your advice.
I succeded in avoiding "password server  is not connected" introducing 
"security=domain" instead of "security=server" and 2.2.12.
About our choice on samba2 vs 3: compiling 3.x with Openldap was my 
first try but I encurred in the known problem on supplemtary groups 
documented on https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=943 and
  This can be avoided compiling with Sun/Netscape Ldap lib, and this was 
smoothful for me only with samba2 (and Sun DS 5.2).

Paul Gienger wrote:
>> We are using "security=server", which is an Active Directory.
> I'm pretty sure that 2.2.x doesn't do active directory well, if at all.  
> In any case, I would suggest 2.2.12 if you must use the old unsupported 
> version.
> To compile 3.0.x to run against Sun's LDAP server, the stated procedure 
> is to compile against openldap libraries, which will give you the 
> abilitiy to talk to any ldap server.  You just need to tell samba how to 
> speak the language of ldap, not Sun's particular dialect.

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