[Samba] Samba3 + LDAP - troubles joining domain (have to do it twice)

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Wed Nov 3 17:00:37 GMT 2004

Paul Gienger wrote:
>> In case someone was using smbldap-tool 0.85, this change is around 
>> line 390, and looks like below (note there is no 
>> "$ldap_master->unbind;" and there is "return 1;") - I set it to 15, 
>> just in case:
> Hrm, coulda sworn that I was using 0.85... but I have been wrong before, 
> just once.
> It should be noted that you should make sure that LDAP is your issue 
> before doing this just so that you aren't masking the real issue.  In my 
> case you could watch the LDAP query come through while watching the 
> samba logs and you'd actually see samba asking for the sambaSAMAccount 
> entry before it replicated through to the slave.  This sounds like your 
> issue as well if your 'high latency link' is slow enough.
> If you're running a simple non-replicated setup or if your slave isn't 
> over a high(ish) latency link I'd keep looking for other issues.

I spent all yesterday thinking what can be wrong, and today the whole 
day trying to figure out by changing different settings / watching logs etc.

I googled for people with similar problem, but there weren't many, the 
only solution to the problem I had was this "sleep" added to 
smbldap-tools (thanks for that).

In logs I could see that Samba is complaining that it can't find the 
machine/name [it just added] (writing happens to a remote master over 
worst case slow ADSL/VPN link, then it's replicated to a slave over the 
same link), so I think that approach with adding "sleep" is good.

But finally it works; sometimes I was thinking that these M$ guys 
talking about higher Linux TCO might be right :)


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