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Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Mon Nov 1 22:37:14 GMT 2004

Mandrake's default setting is to have:
map to guest = bad user
in the smb.conf.
This means, that if your Windows user doesn't exist on the Mandrake box, 
it will get mapped to guest.
I suppose your

share definition doesn't have a public = yes, or guest allow = yes line?

So I see three possible solutions here:
- Specify map to guest = never, in this way your windows users would get 
prompted for a username/password when they connect
- Create the corresponding usernames/passwords on the mdk box (both 
useradd xyz, and smbpasswd -a xyz)
- Allow guest access to public.

About WINS:
if your network is part of a bigger one, your needs could vary depending 
of your setup:
-permanent vs. temporary connection
-static IP addresses vs. DHCP
-having a WINS server on the bigger network or not.



> Thanks for the help, I've gotten a little further, now my samba server 
> shows up in network neighborhood, but when i try to access it it says 
> "\\MOSES\public is not accessible.  You might not have permission, 
> blah blah '' any ideas why i can't access it?  do i need to add the 
> username logged into my windows 2003 box to the smb.conf? 
> about the WINS server, ive never had any experience setting a WINS 
> server up.  which box would work better as a WINS server, the same box 
> that the samba server is on? one of the windows 2003 machines? or 
> should i make a seperate machine for it? and will this affect the 
> wider network that my smaller network is connected to? thanks again.
> -zak
> */Gémes Géza <geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu>/* wrote:
>     Hellraiserr0 írta:
>     >Hi,
>     >I have a network in my room with three computers right now, two
>     connected to a Lynksys router, that router is connected to a wider
>     network, then to the internet.
>     >The three computers i have in my room are:
>     >laptop running Windows Server 2003, connected to a wireless router
>     >desktop running Windows Server 2003, connected to the router in
>     my room
>     >desktop running Mandrake 9.2 connected to the router in my room
>     >i'm trying to get my mandrake 9.2 to run a samba server that will
>     allow my two windows 2003 computers to access shares on it. i do
>     not have a domain controller, just a small home network with a few
>     routers. i am having alot of trouble getting the samba server to
>     work correctly. First, when i use LinNeighborhood, i can see all
>     my other windows computers on my network. When i open Network
>     Places on my windows 2003 computers, i cannot see my mandrake
>     machine shares. however, if i go to Entire Network/Microsoft
>     Windows Network i see my workgroup name (MSHOME) but i also see an
>     additional workgroup named MDKGROUP. When i open MDKGROUP it says
>     "unable to open mdkgroup, you might not have permission blah blah"
>     but earlier, i COULD open it, and when i did i saw a Samba Server
>     vsomething.something(LOCALHOST). and when i opened that, i say the
>     folder on the mandrake box that i was sharing, but when i tried to
>     open it, it gave me an error saying i didnt have permission. i'm
>     very confused
>     > and cant seem to even browse my mandrake shares. im also
>     confused as to why there is a MDKGROUP workgroup, when i specified
>     "workgroup = MSHOME" in my smb.conf. can someone PLEASE help me?
>     thanks in advance
>     >-zak hellraiserr0 at yahoo.com
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>     In order for Network Neighborhood, LinNeighborhood, etc to work
>     better
>     you should set up one of your computers as a WINS server, any of them
>     (Samba ,W2k3) are able to do this. Then configure the other two to
>     use
>     this WINS server. It seems that you currently are using broadcast
>     node
>     discovery, which could be very ineficient even in such a 3
>     computers setup.
>     Cheers
>     Geza Gemes
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