[Samba] Cross-subnet netbios announcing?

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Mon Nov 1 20:46:51 GMT 2004


I'm playing with domain trusts, and my two domains (one is 3.0.7, the other is 
3.0.6) can't see each other through netbios.  They are reach acting as WINS 
servers.  DomainA PDC is at, and DomainB PDC is at  
In DomainB's smb.conf, I have "remote announce =" and 
"remote browse sync = yes".  However, on DomainA if I run the command 
"tcpdump -i eth0 -v src host pdc.DomainB" (the IP address) I see no nmb 
traffic at all.  Shouldn't I see some periodic remote announce going through?  
Perhaps the syntax of these commands has changed in 3.0.x?  There is no 
firewall between these systems.

Thanks for your help,

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