[samba] users in multiple groups?

Daniel Wilson daniel.wilson at sunderland.ac.uk
Mon Nov 1 16:35:03 GMT 2004

Firstly thanks for your response.

I have already done what you have suggested, however its not working.....

....my account in LDAP (ws0dwi) has a gidNumber of (901) and the 
sambaPrimaryGroupSID = the SID of the group in LDAP called (itacs). I 
also want to be a member of domain admins, so i add another memberUid = 
ws0dwi in the domain admin group in LDAP, my nsswitch.conf file has:

passwd files ldap
shadow files ldap
groups files ldap

when i do:

quigon1:~ # groups ws0dwi
ws0dwi : itacs

quigon1:~ # id ws0dwi
uid=186712(ws0dwi) gid=901(itacs) groups=901(itacs)

As you can see it doesnt show im a member of the domain admins(512) group?


Daniel Wilson

Paul Gienger wrote:

>> every user is added to the group, but i cant seem to find a way for a 
>> user to be part of multiple groups, sambaPrimaryGroupSID isnt 
>> multi-valued, neither is gidNumber. Is there any way around this, has 
>> anybody have sugesstions?
> Bone up on your UNIX group membership theory.  Every user has a 
> primary group that is specified in their user account.  Secondary 
> groups are applied 'backwards' to that setup.  That means that users 
> are added to the group's entry in wherever that group is defined 
> (/etc/group, ou=Groups in a 'standard' LDAP DIT.  You can have many 
> many user entries in each group (up to like 1024 characters long for 
> the list I believe) and the user can be both specified in the group 
> object and have their primary group as that group without causing issues.
> There are a couple of commands that come in handy once you start 
> setting up secondary group memberships, and they work differently on 
> different os's.  groups <username> and id <username> give interesting 
> output:
> [root at mail log]# id pgienger
> uid=2266(pgienger) gid=2028(itserv) 
> groups=2028(itserv),3000(applied),2027(itadmin),2081(office),2082(projects),512(Domain 
> Admins)
> [root at mail log]# groups pgienger
> pgienger : itserv applied itadmin office projects Domain Admins

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