[samba] users in multiple groups?

Daniel Wilson daniel.wilson at sunderland.ac.uk
Mon Nov 1 15:38:48 GMT 2004


I have setup samba 3.0.7 with LDAP and NetApps Filers as our file store.

We are going to lots of departmental shares, firstly we want only people 
from their own dept to have access to their department share, but users 
from other departments may need access to other dept shares, i would 
like to set up permissions on each dept share so a group is applied, 
then every user is added to the group, but i cant seem to find a way for 
a user to be part of multiple groups, sambaPrimaryGroupSID isnt 
multi-valued, neither is gidNumber. Is there any way around this, has 
anybody have sugesstions?

I was thinking of groupmappings to either /etc/group or a posixGroup in 
LDAP (net groupmap)


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