[Samba] NIS as user authentication

greg at fqdn.com greg at fqdn.com
Mon Nov 1 12:31:48 GMT 2004


  My understanding is Samba has been able to authenticate against a passwd
map for a very long time.

For kicks I did a google search on "samba NIS passwd" and it returned over
36k results,  7 of the first 10 results have howto links...

have a great day,

> Hi all,
>          I believe that I have asked this in one form or another, but I
> did
> not see an answer.  ( it could be that I missed it ) do please forgive me
> if I did, but could I ask you all to humor me for a moment.
>          Is there any way to get Samba to use YP ( NIS ) as the basis for
> user authentication?   If not at this time ( as I have not been able to
> determine that it is available) is it on any todo list at all ?
> Thanks ..
> Kevin
> Kevin M. Barrett
> KMB IT Consulting, Inc
> 508-450-7717
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