[Samba] Problem mounting with CIFS, error 22

coo at isaacs.dk coo at isaacs.dk
Mon Nov 1 08:20:09 GMT 2004


I am mounting drives from our company Windows 2003 server on my Linux Redhat 8 and 9
PCs, running with a 2.4.xxx kernel. In order to do this, I had to patch the kernel
to add CIFS support, and I did this with CIFS as a module. I then downloaded
mount.cifs and the necessary cifs programs.

Everything seems to work fine with the exception of one network drive, which I
cannot seem to get mounted. This drive differs from the other drives in the way our
IT has set up the drive name. The drives that I can mount are all called (according
to a Windows explorer window):

drive_name on 'hmtsrv3'

where hmtsrv3 is the actual name of the server. The drive that I cannot mount is
called (again, according to the Windows explorer window):

drive_name on 'hmtsrv3\home'

When I try something like this:

mount -t cifs //hmtsrv3/home/drive_name /mnt/windrive -o user=xxx, uid=yyy

where xxx and yyy are my windows and linux usernames, and after typing in the
password, I get the error

mount error 22 = Invalid argument.

I have no problem mounting the other Windows drives with a similar command (without
the /home since this is not part of the name of the other drives) so I assume the
problem is with the naming or setup of this particular drive by the IT guys. I tried
all other possible combinations of names like //hmtsrv3\\home, but nothing seems to
work. Our IT guys, one of which is Linux aware, can't seem to find a solution to
this problem either.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there a solution? What could be the

Thanks for any help!

Steve, Denmark

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