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Hellraiserr0 hellraiserr0 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 07:56:47 GMT 2004

I have a network in my room with three computers right now, two connected to a Lynksys router, that router is connected to a wider network, then to the internet.
The three computers i have in my room are:
laptop running Windows Server 2003, connected to a wireless router
desktop running Windows Server 2003, connected to the router in my room
desktop running Mandrake 9.2 connected to the router in my room
i'm trying to get my mandrake 9.2 to run a samba server that will allow my two windows 2003 computers to access shares on it.  i do not have a domain controller, just a small home network with a few routers.  i am having alot of trouble getting the samba server to work correctly.  First, when i use LinNeighborhood, i can see all my other windows computers on my network.  When i open Network Places on my windows 2003 computers, i cannot see my mandrake machine shares.  however, if i go to Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network i see my workgroup name (MSHOME) but i also see an additional workgroup named MDKGROUP. When i open MDKGROUP it says "unable to open mdkgroup, you might not have permission blah blah" but earlier, i COULD open it, and when i did i saw a Samba Server vsomething.something(LOCALHOST).  and when i opened that, i say the folder on the mandrake box that i was sharing, but when i tried to open it, it gave me an error saying i didnt have permission. i'm very confused
 and cant seem to even browse my mandrake shares.  im also confused as to why there is a MDKGROUP workgroup, when i specified "workgroup = MSHOME" in my smb.conf.  can someone PLEASE help me? thanks in advance
-zak  hellraiserr0 at yahoo.com

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