[Samba] Trust between Samba 3 and Win2000 Server

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon Nov 1 01:27:36 GMT 2004

Damir Dezeljin schrieb:
> Hi.
> Our local network is based on Linux server + Samba 3 + OpenLDAP for
> authentication and other services. Win98 SE, Win2k and WinXP
> are accessing the Samba server.
> Our head quarter requested that we establish an VPN tunnel to their
> network. They want to use file sharing between connected LANs.
> Unfortunately they are running Win2000 Standard Server with AD based
> domain controller (I don't know if in native or compatible mode).
> Is there a way to make a two way trust between networks with my
> configuration? Additionally I would like to prevent their Administrators
> (and similar users) to have Administrative / Operator access on my
> network. Is this possible? If not ... is there any concern of allowing
> remote Administrator to access ONLY the Samba server (can the remote
> Administrator execute some RPC commands on my Samba server)?
> Any suggestion (please don't tell me to migrate to Windows server ;) )?
> Regards,
> Dezo
Hi Damir,
is see no special reason why a trust shouldnt work,
read the faqs about trusts

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