[Samba] Re: films on Desktops and roaming profiles

gints neimanis gints at venta.lv
Mon May 31 17:43:54 GMT 2004

There is simple solution with logon script un registry file, which puts 
necessary registry keys in the user enviroment:

=== logon.bat ======
echo off
net use g: /home
regedit /S \\server\netlogon\usf.reg
net use k: \\server\pub$
net use p: \\server\appz
net time \\server /set /yes
==== end ============

==== usf.reg ========

Shell Folders]
"My Pictures"="G:\\PROFILE\\My Pictures"
==== end ==============

If you decide to use Group policies, IMHO you can write our own 
administrative templates, but I don't have big experience with Group 


Michal Kurowski wrote:
> gints neimanis [gints at venta.lv] wrote:
>>If your clients have a network drive, you can leave the Desktop on that 
>>drive and exclude from roaming profile.
>>You need to change registry key (via policies or logon script), for 
>>exanple to:
>>HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell 
>>Folders > Desktop; REG_SZ ; H:\PROFDATA\Desktop
>>Or via policies you can exclude Desktop from roaming profile;
>>Or you can set disk quota on storage where roaming profiles are located;
> Great, thanks a lot ! 
> Could you please provide some more detail on the policy setting
> excluding Desktop from the roaming profile ?

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