[Samba] migrate / reinstall samba

juanjo.carel at ono.com juanjo.carel at ono.com
Mon May 31 17:12:15 GMT 2004

Hi friends!
Some time ago I had to reinstall my linux distro. Then I put again samba,
as that computer was the DC of a LAN. I had many many problems w/ SIDs,
as you can read from previous mails from me ;)
But now I'd like to make another reinstallation and a migration to a newer
samba version.

My question is rather easy. What process should I follow to make a completely
new installation and not letting the win2k workstations to know? Last time
all users lost their info because new SIDs were generated and they didn't
ever accept their old SIDs and a little of a nightmare. I have read things
about smbpasswd and tdbdump but I'd like to have something more clear.

Currently I use samba without openldap (to heavy for my P133!).

Thanks in advance to all!
Juan J

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