[Samba] XP desktop error

Shawn Henderson shawn at techcoms.net
Mon May 31 15:27:17 GMT 2004

I have 5 XP workstations with Samba acting as the domain controller. All workstation work great All users can log on and have access to there private folder.
I have no changed the registry for the desktop to roam with them because the users are pretty much fixed. My problem is on one workstation I login with two users and I get an error on the desktop access denied. After a few click on "ok" it goes away. I tried the other 3 users on same workstation and I do not get this error. I tried the 2 users on other workstations and I do not get this error. Why would 2 out of 5 users get an error only on one workstation. Any Ideas ???

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