[Samba] Can't Access Win2000 Shared Resources from Linux

George Salt ggsalt at yahoo.com
Mon May 31 12:08:56 GMT 2004


I'm running Linux Fedora Core 2 with Samba 3.0.3-5

In Gnome, when I click Computer->Network->Windows
Network->Workgroup I can see the Windows boxes on my
network (2 Win98SE + 1 Win2000 Workstation).

I can access everything on the 2 Win98SE boxes.  I can
print from Linux to a shared printer on one of the
Win98SE boxes.

When I click on the icon for the Win2000 box, I get an
error box that says "The folder contents could not be
displayed.  You do not have the permissions necessary
to view the contents of the "Windows Network: ***"

>From all of the Windows boxes I can access the Linux
box.  I can access the Win2000 box from the Win98SE

This may be a Windows configuration problem rather
than a Samba problem, but perhaps someone understands
what's going on here?



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