[Samba] Loss of Workgroup Browsing

Terry Sposato terry at comtron.com.au
Mon May 31 10:55:45 GMT 2004

Before Samba was installed i could browse the workgroup between my 2
windows computer systems no problems and share printer's and files etc.
Once i installed samba v3.0.4 and set it up i can now connect to file
shares from my windows boxes to the samba server using //server/share
but i can;t browse either the samba server in network neighbourhood or
by typing //samba-server/ and i cannot browse any other computers on the
workgroup from any of my 2 windows boxes. I have fiddles around with
how-to's etc. on the net and nothing has fixed this problem. Anyone
encountered this before and how would i go about fixing it?

Thanking people in advance.

- Terry

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