[Samba] Windows XP Pro and Fedora 1 Home Network

Stephen stephen at fireyorange.com
Sun May 30 22:37:39 GMT 2004


I am new to Linux, and I am caught up in an issue with Samba. I have two
computers. One is a Win XP Pro and the other is Fedora Core 1 sharing a
cable modem connection via a D-Link Router. With these to computers I
want to be able to share files in-between the two of us. With samba I
can see my XP computer with no problems. I just have to type in a user
name and password. My problem comes in that the XP computer cannot see
me at all. When bringing up the XP computer it is listed in Nautilus as
smb://adam/c/downloads/. I can copy files from the XP computer to my
Fedora computer but I cannot copy a file from my computer to his
computer. I saw somewhere on a site that I had to make a registry entry
for the XP computer which I did with no go. With mapping a network drive
would I do the \\homewreckers\pub? With the router would I have to   Any
other suggestions would be wonderful. Sorry if I didn't give enough

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