[Samba] Re: films on Desktops and roaming profiles

gints neimanis gints at venta.lv
Sun May 30 12:01:05 GMT 2004

If your clients have a network drive, you can leave the Desktop on that 
drive and exclude from roaming profile.
You need to change registry key (via policies or logon script), for 
exanple to:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell 
Folders > Desktop; REG_SZ ; H:\PROFDATA\Desktop

Or via policies you can exclude Desktop from roaming profile;
Or you can set disk quota on storage where roaming profiles are located;


Michal Kurowski wrote:
> Adam Tauno Williams [awilliam at whitemice.org] wrote:
>>>I'd like to ask you what do you limit Desktops syncing in case users
>>>put large files on them, e.g. films.
>>>Downloading / uploading such large files can generate lots of
>>>unnecessary traffic. Is there any kind of filtering possible ?
>>>Other solutions ?
>>Via policies, just like with a Windows DC.
> Could you please elaborate ?
> The only thing I could find is the windows "Slow network" setting
> supposed to disable network share checkout in case of slow network,
> timeout, etc. There is a registry setting enabling enforcing "slow
> network" for good.
> Samba has got "csc policy", but frankly, I do not quite get how to use
> it. Could provide some clue in here ?
> Thanks,

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