[Samba] File already in use?

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Sat May 29 18:54:27 GMT 2004

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Kit Gerrits wrote:
> Do you, by chance run a virus scanner and  Win2000 or WinXP?
Yes, there is an McAfee virus scanner running on the windows
workstation which has WinXP installed.

> Windows 2000 and XP have a tendency to examine files in a directory when you
> open an Explorer window.
> This triggers the virus scanner, which, in turn, opens the file and keeps it
> locked until it has finished scanning the file.
It indeed currently looks like it has something to do
with the way a virus scanner opens the file. Jeremy
Allison might have found some traces of it in the network
traffic dump files I produced.

But as far as I have understood the explanation from
Jeremy, there might also be some issue with samba and
windows clients opening the same file several times
in the same second.

I will now proceed as follows:

a) Try to reproduce the problem with the virus scanner disabled
b) Try to reproduce the problem with samba 3.0.5pre1 (though it
   might not have a fix for this)
c) Wait for a patch from Jeremy with a fix for the "deferred open issue"
   and try to reproduce the problem with that.

I will keep the list informed of any results I can get!

- - andreas

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