[Samba] Workgroup shows up, but not the computer

Mike Cisar mlists at starmania.net
Sat May 29 16:35:31 GMT 2004

I can't really be of much help except to say "me too".  There have been 4 or
5 users (including) myself post regarding similar problems over the past 2
months or so in both workgroup and domain configurations, as far as I'm
aware none have yet resolved the problem. 

In my case I am running a domain, and the server (samba) is the only machine
that shows up visibly when browsing the domain, whereas all of the XP
workstations are "invisible" but still accessable in the manner you
describe.  I would like to try plugging a samba workstation (or maybe
windows 9x) into the domain and see if it will show up (this would determine
I think whether it's a bug across the board somehow, or whether it's a bug
in the interaction between Windows XP and Samba)... that might be something
to try if you're able.  

Unfortunately I can only get out to the client's site once a month, so the
amount of "live" troubleshooting I'm able to do is quite limited.  Go out,
try some things, fail and try again next month :-)

>>>>> Mike <<<<<

> -----Original Message-----
> I am running Mandrake 10.0 Official PowerPack, I have Samba 
> 3.0.2a and my Windows XP PCs can see the Workgroup but there 
> is no PC in the Workgroup.
> However, I can type \\<computername> and see all of the 
> shared folders and printers.  After doing this the Network 
> Neighborhood still does not show the computer in the 
> Workgroup.  Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to fix it?

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