[Samba] info for samba parameters

tecnobit tecnobitpa at tiscali.it
Sat May 29 14:02:16 GMT 2004

I'm trying to connect a linux suse 7.3 (O.S.) pc with a windows98 SE pc.
I must alloc file in directory of linux (server) and access it by win98
(client) login: alfa.
In registry of win98 i have modified the value to 1 (as indicates in note).
I definied a directory (\db\radius) and set the attributes correctly (all
users can read,write,exec).
I obtain the connection to linux directory (\db\radius)but:
If i set (smb.conf) the security level to share (no user) i can read data
but cannot write  into.
how can i obtain it? (attachment the file results of testparm command).
if i set (smb.conf) the security to user, i not obtain the connection
because it ask to me the password (i try the password of root, of user alfa
etc.) and it responde me that the password is incorrect.
Please can you help me to resolve this problem (secure level user) and gain
access with password from win98SE client?
Thank you for the answer.

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