[Samba] Using Samba and Rational ClearCase Tools

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri May 28 23:04:15 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 13:59, Sharpe, Annik A wrote:
> Hello,
> We are using Samba to connect our ClearCase server to the Windows environment. Our original configuration was one server hosting all our VOBs and Views. We have Samba configured to allow mapping of shares to our ClearCase Windows Clients. Everything was working fine. Now we have set up a second server to host all our Views separate from the VOBs. So we have a View server and a separate VOB separate. When we setup the View server we installed Samba on that server, copied the config file from the original setup to the new server and the only configuration change made was in the Global parameters, the NetBios Name to be the new server name.
> We are able to map a network drive to our new server. We are able to create a View on the UNIX server, region synchronize on the Win Client side and mount a VOB. However when we try to create a new file we get a window stating "Access Denied." If we try to check out an existing file we get an "Error checking out {filename}. Unable to update view {viewname}: Permission Denied. Unable to check out {filename}." 
> We are able to complete all these steps within the UNIX environment, we are only having problems from the Windows environment and so we are assuming it has to do with our Samba configuration.
> We already know groups, permissions are okay. We've checked credmap against the two servers. Any ideas?
If you already know groups, permissions are okay then that means that
you've checked all the logs, right? syslog as well as all samba logs -
especially the log for the ip/computer trying to connect.


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