[Samba] Samba 3 How-to and Kerberos ...

Yohann Ferreira bertram25 at hotmail.com
Fri May 28 08:12:20 GMT 2004

Hi everyone !

I've some questions about the documentation in the samba how-to :

Page 76, Possible errors :
It is said : "

... try net use * \\server\share. You should be logged in with Kerberos 
without needing to know a password. If it fails ... Does it have an 
encryption type of DES-CBC-MD5 ?"
Ok ! (I just run 'klist -ae' to know about that. Have an Arcfour 

So I want to change it, but page 73 6.4.2, it is said : "
With both MIT and Heimdal Kerberos, it is unnecessary to configure 
/etc/krb5.conf, and it may be detrimental."

So how can I do to configure my encryption type to have the correct one if 
Kerberos auto-configures itself ?
Does the /etc/krb5.conf overpasses kerberos configuration ?

Thanks for reading !


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