[Samba] Computer Accounts

Rafal Pietrak rafal at zorro.isa-geek.com
Fri May 28 07:44:44 GMT 2004


I've just migrated NT domain to samba+ldap - works great, but there is one
thing I don't quite understand:

What is the reason to have a 'computer account' on host UNIX serving samba?

I know, that NT PDC needs ID+password for each computer within its domain.
But samba TDB or LDAP pwdb backend look quite sufficient. I don't see a
reason to have those exposed (shadowed) as UNIX accounts - are there any?

In other words, I don't see any activity, that NT domain computer does
*on*its*own*account* - e.g. as UNIX process - on samba server. Is there
any? Is there any other reason to have UNIX account ID for NT domain
computer? (I have already tested a setup, where all NT domain coputers
share common home directory, and it looks like nobody makes any attempt to
write there - so that feature of UNIX account does not look necesary)



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