[Samba] pam_winbind - losing domain membership

Philip Reetz p.reetz at linet-services.de
Thu May 27 19:28:15 GMT 2004

Philip Reetz wrote:
> Hello,
> I have the following setup:
> SuSE 9.1 with samba and winbind installed. On the other side is a nt4
> domain. I can join the domain with "net rpc join DOMAIN -U
> administrator".
> wbinfo -u shows me alle the users etc.
> I integrated the pam_winbind.so in my pam configuration and users can
> login with their nt login and password. Everything works fine.
> After a while it seems that samba/winbind loses the association to the
> domain. User cannot login anymore and the /var/log/messages shows
> NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.  After a new "net rpc join ...". The login
> works again.
> Anyone any ideas what could be the cause. I used the versions supplied
> with SuSE 9.1.
> Any help is highly appreciated.
> Thanx.
> Ciao,
> Phil

I solved the problem. It was my own inability to step back and take a 
look at the whole situation.
The problem was not winbind, but the problem that the same computer was 
with w2k and linux with the same name member of the domain. That 
resulted in linux getting kicked out of the domain after a windows 
start. Actually quite simple and logically, but sometimes you try too hard.
Thanks to everyone who helped me by replying to my posting.


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