[Samba] Microsoft in a Samba Domain

Adam Tauno WIlliams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu May 27 12:57:53 GMT 2004

> We are planing to move from Netware to Samba in the near future. The 
> trouble we have is that we have about 50 Microsoft servers in various 
> Domains and Workgroups. These will be brought into the new domain 
> structure when they are replaced (In the near future as well). If we 
> could then we would replace all the Microsoft servers (who wouldn't) but 
> they are application servers that will cost to much to replace. When 
> Samba is  the PDC and we are authenticating to an LDAP directory, will 
> Microsoft be able to use the LDAP directory  in a Samba Domain?

No,  M$ never authenticates using an LDAP directory (even in an Active
Directory realm).   The servers will authenticate against the Samba DC,
which will use the LDAP directory on their behalf.

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