[Samba] Problems with wbinfo -a

=?windows-1250?Q?Previ=E1k_Zolt=E1n_=5C=28Sprint=5C=29?= previak.zoltan at sprint.hu
Thu May 27 12:46:35 GMT 2004


I've just set a Samba PDC running on Debian GNU/Linux Sarge (Samba =
3.0.2a-1, winbind 3.0.2a-1, slapd-2.1.23-1 on kernel 2.6.6-mm3) and I =
have problems with groups. I'm using the latest smbldap-tools  from =
idealx. Everything seems to be working, except for wbinfo -a , and other =
group-related stuff. The problem is as follows:=20
If I add a user using smbldap-tools, it just seems to be ok, it is =
visible in my ldap directory, i can set the password, etc. Using wbinfo =
-a user%pass says=20

plaintext password authentication succeeded
challenge/response password authentication succeeded

What is just as it should be. BUT if I add this user to ANY group, =
wbinfo -a does no longer work. It fails authenticating the user with the =
following error:=20
cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was Call timed out: server did =
not respond after 10000 milliseconds
NTLM CRAP authentication for user [TESTNET]\[tst1] returned =

Winbind and samba are running on the same machine.=20
Wbinfo -g and other things seem to be working, and also if I remove the =
user from the group, it's ok as well...
LDAP seems to be ok, as getent passwd and getent group also work.

Sorry for being long
Any clues?

Zoltan Previak

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