[Samba] Unable to find a suitable server

Collen Blijenberg <MLHJ> systeembeheer at hermanjordan.nl
Thu May 27 06:50:30 GMT 2004

Guess so..
can you ping/traceroute to the PDC from the BDC ??

also make sure, you set your smb.conf settings right..!
(see the doc's on howto!!)
did you joint the domain with your BDC ??
or did this error occure when you issued the join command??

i guess we need more input (or situation info) to
help you out here...
Collen Blijenberg   (Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004, 10:16:54 PM, you wrote:

RP> Good afternoon you all.

RP> I'm running a redhat enterprise 3.0.
RP> I have manually installed samba-3.0.4 as a pdc.
RP> On a different computer i'm trying to set up a bdc but i get "Unable to find
RP> a suitable server"
RP> Am I missing something?

RP> Thanks in advanced...

RP> Rafael Paris
RP> Gerente de Sistemas Casino
RP> e-mail: rparis at hotelmaruma.com
RP> pagina web/page: www.hotelmaruma.com
RP> Telefono/Phone: 0058 261 730 27 70
RP> Fax: 0058 261 730 28 10

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