[Samba] English & Japanese Languages

Larry Hansford lhansfor at lch-assoc.com
Thu May 27 00:32:10 GMT 2004

I haven't seen any replies to this one, and wonder if anyone has any 
suggestions.  I added the following 3 lines to the [global] section:

  dos charset = CP932
  unix charset = EUC-JP
  display charset = CP932

The Japanese workstations can create, edit, and view new files, in the 
Japanese language.  But, they cannot open any files that existed prior to 
the upgrade to Samba 3.0.4-1.    I'd like to get the rest of the files 
available to them as well.

At 06:13 PM 5/22/2004, you wrote:
>I just upgraded our two servers to samba-3.0.4-1 (From 2.2.x) on Red Hat 
>9.0.  We have 80 U.S. PC's and 5 Japanese PC's on the main server, and 8 
>Japanese PC's on the 2nd server.
>After the upgrade, none of the Japanese PC's can read their files stored 
>on either server.  In 2.2, there was code page of 932 set to enable 
>Japanese languages.  That gave errors, and is ignored, in 3.0.
>How do I enable the Japanese language so these PC's can read/write their 
>files stored in their home directories?

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