[Samba] Win XP and mapped shares

Healy, James F James.F.Healy at dig.com
Wed May 26 18:32:14 GMT 2004

I am hoping someone on the list can shed some light for me on this. 

I have a smb server with shares configured and I know that they are working properly. I have now had the same experience with three new users and can't explain the behavior. Not sure if it's samba related or and issue in Win XP but I thought I'd ask here first.

On the XP box user logs in and attempts to map the share. (our samba server does not authenticate via a domain controller rather a local smbpasswd file) When they map the share they click on use different user name and enter their samba username and password, and check reconnect at logon. The mapped drive connects and everything looks fine.

Here is when the problems begin... when the user logs out of XP. The next logon shows the mapped drives but does not connect to them automaticaly. When the user attempts to access the shared drives they are prompted for authentication, XP assumes that the authentication is via the domain controller and prompts for the domain account which will not connect. 

Is there any way to force the mapped shares to reconnect at login using the samba account and password without the user needing to re-authenticate the shares eachtime they log in?

FWIW: I've never seen this behavior on Win 2K.

Any Ideas?

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