[Samba] example configuration for VFS recycle

"Olaf Eichhorn, Vermessungsbüro Pfeifer" O.Eichhorn at vermessung-pfeifer.de
Wed May 26 09:38:31 GMT 2004

Hi SAMBA users

Can anybody give me an working part of an smb.conf for vfs recycle?
I use SAMBA 3.0.2-7 on Fedora Core 1
I have read the samba howto and now I know the possible options but not 
the right syntax. I found only examples for SAMBA 2.x.

I tried the following (smb.conf ) but it isn't working for the specific 
share Daten


vfs objects = recycle
	recycle:repository = Papierkorb
	recycle:versions = True
	recycle:touch = True
	recycle:keeptree = True
	recycle:exclude = *.tmp|*.temp|*.o|*.obj|~$*|*.ba0
	recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp|/temp|/cache

Is it possible to make the recycle folder user specific with the %U option??

thanks for Your help


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