[Samba] conflict between Realtek 8139 (client) and 3c2000T(server) NIC's with Samba?

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Wed May 26 08:26:08 GMT 2004

I *might* be a Realtek issue...  I have heard that Sage (the accounts
software folk) say that their software will not work properly over a network
which uses these Realtek cards.


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> On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 06:01:25PM +0200, Bart van Dijck wrote:
> >
> > Can someone explain this and possibly suggest another solution? We have
> > number of PC's with Realtek's (I know: they are not hgh quality cards to
> > it mildly) and would
> > rather not replace them all. I can't think what the cause of the problem
> > a NIC that otherwise works fine (surfing, even from the same machine
> > had the Samba server or any other network activitity) causes problems
> > Samba. I could understand it if the Samba server had the Realtek NIC,
but I
> > never have had any problems with 3com cards.
> We (Samba) live so far above the network card drivers it's not funny.
> We're just an application - admittedly one that stresses the network
> quite a bit due to the speed.
> I'm afraid you may have found some intrinsic problems with either the
> cards or the driver for the card. The only way to change this with
> Samba is to add a 'go slower' switch into smbd, which as I'm sure
> you'll understand we're loathe to do :-).
> Jeremy.
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