[Samba] Re: Win2k / Samba 2.2.5-SUSE cant net view

Mike Caughran mike_caughran at admin.state.ak.us
Tue May 25 19:42:57 GMT 2004

It works now.  Actually it had been working all along but I was not using the proper syntax for the net command.

Also killed Zone Alarm.

net use * \\hostname.domain.com\sharename /user:hostname.domain.com\userid   (works)

Mike Caughran wrote:

> I am able to smbclient -U% -L sambahost with no problem
> from sambahost and from other linux boxes.
> I cant get win2k to net view \\sambahost
> I had this working a few years back with win95/win98se/winnt
> but cant get off the ground with win2k
> Thanks
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