[Samba] Strange problem with icons on the desktop

daves-jr at cecom.ufmg.br daves-jr at cecom.ufmg.br
Tue May 25 20:51:01 GMT 2004


I think your roaming profile arent "syncronising" righ.
Try to use:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

and csc policy = programs  on your [profiles]

Here it works

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samba-bounces+daves-jr=ufmg.br at lists.samba.org wrote on 25/05/2004

> Thanks everyone for helping me get the home directories working over
> SMB, especially Ben Ford for his workaround for the Xauth and GDM.
> Now I've got a problem that, most likely, nobody's ever noticed
> before... or is something specific to me. I've got a Linux client, and a
> Samba server, and a Windows 2000 server, both set up EXACTLY the same.
> I've got a test user and the home directory that is mounting
> automatically with pam_mount. I set up everything so I only have to
> change 1 character in the pam_mount.conf file to switch the mounting
> from one server to the other, just to ensure that there's no typo or
> anything. Both servers have EXACTLY the same files in the test user's
> home directory, just to ensure there's no configuration difference, or
> different file types or anything.
> Here's the problem: When I log in, and pam_mount mounts the home
> directory from the Samba server, everything works perfectly. When I log
> in, and pam_mount mounts the home directory from the Windows 2000
> server, things get a little weird. For instance, if I log in, and move a
> couple icons to different places on the desktop, then log out, when I
> log back in, they'll be back to their original locations. Also, for
> reasons entirely mysterious to me, when it mounts the home directory
> from the Windows 2000 server, occasionally the buttons on the Gnome
> panel will be gone. If I destroy the profile and copy everything from
> the Samba server back to the Windows server, they re-appear... but they
> may disappear again without warning.
> Both servers are being mounted with SMB, using the same username, same
> password, authenticated through the same server, have the same programs
> installed, coming from the same IP, with no firewall or anything in
> between. I have configured both servers to be as similar in operation to
> each other as possible. Anybody have any ideas?
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