[Samba] sambaPwdMustChange

lanrol lroland at mad.hu
Tue May 25 20:10:35 GMT 2004

Hi guys!

I wanna to setup my 3.0.1 samba PDC (with tdbsam) to force user to change 

I read this:

"When I set password lifetime to, say 90 days using 
pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C 7776000

Attribute "Password must change" is calculated using this formula :

sambaPwdMustChange = sambaPwdLastSet + 90 days.

Is it possible to get "warning message" before actually force user to
change their password, I mean is it possible to get this formula:

sambaPwdMustChange = (sambaPwdLastSet + 90 days) - 10 days"

pdbedit setting is okay.

but what about sambaPwdMustChange? Should I write it to my smb.conf?

But, I write it and testparm says:
	Unknown parameter encountered: "sambaPwdMustChange"
	Ignoring unknown parameter "sambaPwdMustChange"

So, how can I do this?


regars, Roland

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