[Samba] Strange problem with icons on the desktop

Shannon Johnson sjohnson at engr.psu.edu
Tue May 25 18:31:50 GMT 2004

Thanks everyone for helping me get the home directories working over
SMB, especially Ben Ford for his workaround for the Xauth and GDM.

Now I've got a problem that, most likely, nobody's ever noticed
before... or is something specific to me. I've got a Linux client, and a
Samba server, and a Windows 2000 server, both set up EXACTLY the same.
I've got a test user and the home directory that is mounting
automatically with pam_mount. I set up everything so I only have to
change 1 character in the pam_mount.conf file to switch the mounting
from one server to the other, just to ensure that there's no typo or
anything. Both servers have EXACTLY the same files in the test user's
home directory, just to ensure there's no configuration difference, or
different file types or anything.

Here's the problem: When I log in, and pam_mount mounts the home
directory from the Samba server, everything works perfectly. When I log
in, and pam_mount mounts the home directory from the Windows 2000
server, things get a little weird. For instance, if I log in, and move a
couple icons to different places on the desktop, then log out, when I
log back in, they'll be back to their original locations. Also, for
reasons entirely mysterious to me, when it mounts the home directory
from the Windows 2000 server, occasionally the buttons on the Gnome
panel will be gone. If I destroy the profile and copy everything from
the Samba server back to the Windows server, they re-appear... but they
may disappear again without warning. 

Both servers are being mounted with SMB, using the same username, same
password, authenticated through the same server, have the same programs
installed, coming from the same IP, with no firewall or anything in
between. I have configured both servers to be as similar in operation to
each other as possible. Anybody have any ideas?


Shannon Johnson
Network Support Specialist / Systems Administrator
Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
224 Reber Building
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