[Samba] vscan permission

francesco defilippo francesco.defilippo at sys-net.it
Tue May 25 16:14:20 GMT 2004

francesco defilippo wrote:

>> If you are using a vscan-clamav build which uses the clamd daemon (the
>> default, afaik), then you need to make sure that the "clamav" user
>> has access to that file.
>> The latest vscan-clamav version, however, has an option to be built with
>> libvlamac support instead of clamd. In that case, it uses the same 
>> privileges
>> as the user connected to the share to perform the scan.
> :-[    .. thnx now works!
Hello again,
    I have to go back to clamd (with root permission), using libclamscan
samba uses too many resource, I have more than one smbd that grab all cpu.


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