[Samba] How to send "name registration request"

Sascha Juch Juch at sepago.de
Tue May 25 11:55:08 GMT 2004

Hello everybody!

I want to build up a micro-linux distribution. The Linux-Client is
supposed to be in a WINS-Only-Environment. There is no DNS. As I read
the FAQs, manuals of WINS and Samba it always tells about adding the
wins server = a.b.c.d  in the smb.conf to allow WINS-resolution.

Actually I couldn't find anything about _how_ to send a "name
registration request".

So if anyone could tell me with what command I do a "name registration
request" that would be great.
I think I don't need the nmbd and smbd for that. But what tool is
responsible for doing the "name registration request"?

As this is the only thing I need to do with samba (register to a
WINS-Server) it would be very helpful to know the following two things
What command do I have to run, to do the registration?
Is it possible just to compile a compact version of Samba only holding
the programs I need for that task?

Any help would be great.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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