[Samba] High CPU utilization

Laurent CARON lcaron at apartia.fr
Tue May 25 08:14:51 GMT 2004

Matthias Spork wrote:

> Gary MacKay schrieb:
>> Apparently nobody has a suggestion to why smbd process all of a 
>> sudden starts sucking CPU like crazy? Restarted samba and then 
>> restarting the entire server does not fix it. Searching the archives 
>> shows I'm not the only one with this problem. The archives do not 
>> show what to do about it yet. Grr...
>> Redhat 9.0
>> Samba 3.04 ( I have 2.2.7 servers that have done this to me also)
> Hello,
> i had the same problem. Check your groups and bmembers in there. The 
> problem comes, when you have more groupmembers
> the users., or if you have a groupmember who is deleted user.
> matze

or ntop running on the samba server

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