[Samba] vscan permission

daves-jr at cecom.ufmg.br daves-jr at cecom.ufmg.br
Mon May 24 14:56:16 GMT 2004

Hi Francesco

My solution isn't best but ...
Try to set clamav user to uid 0
Was unique way that I found...
Emerson Henrique Kfuri Pereira

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Hello, I have installed samba-vscan module but when I
try to read a test file:

May 24 12:14:12 va2 smbd_vscan-clamav[15035]: ERROR: file
/home/testav/eicar.com not found, not readable or an error occured

why ?

my smb.conf for homes:

        comment = home of %U, %u
        read only = No
        valid users = %U
        create mask = 0644
        directory mask = 0775
        browseable = No
        vfs object = vscan-clamav
        vscan-clamav: config-file = /etc/samba/vscan-clamav.conf

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