[Samba] smb domain & members..

Collen Blijenberg <MLHJ> systeembeheer at hermanjordan.nl
Mon May 24 14:00:34 GMT 2004

Well, i got the follow..

i got a pdc and bdc up and running under samba 3.0.4.. (no worry here)
no i need to install a application server (also a samba server)

and i'm wondering, what i could do/use best..
i need to spread the unix users & groups to this app-server. (acl

so what to use, winbindd, nss or just use a rdist to copy the passwd
files ??

i  was playing with winbind.. but i can not make the users & groups
(wbinfo work fine) to be shown in samba..

anny sugestions, how to use winbind with domain member servers ??
l8r & thx
Collen Blijenberg (Systeem/Netwerk Beheerder)

Montessori Lyceum 
Herman Jordan

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