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On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 02:12:27AM -0400, Shashidhar SR wrote:
>>>>> "Shashidhar" == Shashidhar  <Shashidhar.SR at siemens.com> writes:

    Shashidhar> Hello,

    Shashidhar> I am Shashidhar SR Working for Siemens Communication
    Shashidhar> Software in Bangalore, INDIA as a Configuration
    Shashidhar> Manager for Clearcase.

    Shashidhar> I need some help regarding the samba configuration at
    Shashidhar> our site.

    Shashidhar> First Let me Explain our Environment:

Your question would be better answered on the ClearCase mailing list





    Shashidhar> - We are Using samba 2.2.8a on Solaris 9.  - We are
    Shashidhar> using samba as an interop from Solaris 9 box to
    Shashidhar> winnt/w2k/win-xp clients.  - On Solaris we have
    Shashidhar> installed IBM Rational Clearcase and we have around 20
    Shashidhar> VOBs created.

    Shashidhar> Now we are successfully able to access the
    Shashidhar> files/directories which are stored on unix from
    Shashidhar> windows clients.

    Shashidhar> Some times we get an error saying "Incorrect function"
    Shashidhar> on the windows clients, when trying to access some
    Shashidhar> .txt/.cpp/.h or any other text files.  and this error
    Shashidhar> is very sporadic, for some people it's works and for
    Shashidhar> others it dosen't, eventhough the permissions are same
    Shashidhar> for all the users.

This is usually a permission problem related to the ALBD service
account. It may also be due to a permission problem on the VOB storage

What does the view_log on the client say?

What does the samba log for the client say? Do you have 

  log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m

in your smb.conf file? This will make it easier to debug by creating a
separate log file for each client.

I've attached a text file with some initial troubleshooting steps you
can follow. This file is extracted from some WEB pages I wrote about
setting up and configuring Samba for ClearCase.

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  text_file_delta error

    Unable to construct cleartext for object X in VOB
    Error: Type manager "text_file_delta" failed construct_version

This is probably the most common error to occur in an interop
environment. The error is most likely due to a failure to map the ALBD
service account to a valid UNIX??? account.

The client may see this as the error message "Incorrect Function.". The
error text above will be logged in the view_log on the view server host.

      Steps to debug the problem


      Identify the ALBD service account. There are several methods that
      can use used to find the account used to run the ALBD service.


            Windows NT 4.0

               1. Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Services
               2. Double Click on the Atria Location Broker service

                  Text Box "This account" contains the name of the ALBD
                  service account. service.


            Windows 2000/XP

               1. Start -> Run -> services.msc
                  Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative
                  Tools -> Services
               2. Double Click on the Atria Location Broker service
               3. Click on "Log On" Tab

                  Text Box "This account" contains the name of the ALBD
                  service account. service.


            All versions of Windows

               1. Start -> Run -> regedit
               2. Find key

                  Value "ObjectName" contains the name of the ALBD
                  service account.


      Does the ALBD service account have a corresponding UNIX??? account?


            YES. Proceed to the next step


            NO. Check to see if the Samba username.map file contains an
            entry to map the ALBD service account to a valid UNIX???
            account that also has access to the VOB(s). See Configuring
            username.map <config_username_map.html> for information on
            how to set up this file.

            If username.map has been modified, new connections will pick
            up the changes. If you want to affect existing connections,
            you will need to do one of:


                  Send a HUP signal to all running smbd processes. This
                  will cause the smbd processes to reread the
                  configuration file. You must be root to send the signal.

      kill -HUP `smbstatus -p`


                  Restart Samba ??? usually

      /etc/init.d/samba stop
      /etc/init.d/samba start

            The client will need to wait a few minutes before retrying
            access. The existing connection as the unmapped user must
            terminate so that it won't be reused. New connections will
            be made as the mapped user. The user may need to unmount the
            VOS, wait a few minutes and remount the vobs.

            Alternatively, you can stop and restart Samba but this could
            disrupt some users.

            If this doesn't fix the problem (i.e., the error continues
            to occur), proceed to the next step.


      Does the UNIX??? account have access to the VOB storage directory
      and subdirectories?

      A common occurrence is that the UNIX??? account does not have access
      to the top-level VOB storage directory or subdirectories. Possible
      reasons for this are:


            Top-level VOB storage directory or subdirectory has no
            permission for group or other.


                  No permission for group, other

      mode 700 (rwx------)


                  No permission for other

      mode 770 (rwxrwx---)
      mode 750 (rwxr-x---)

            Correct the permissions on the vob storage directories.
            Usually mode 755 is best for the top-level storage
            directory. For subdirectories or vob storage pools, see
            cleartool man protectvob for instructions on setting


            UNIX??? account does not belong to the proper group to access
            the VOB. This should not happen if the ALBD service account
            is the same as (or mapped to) the UNIX??? VOB owner account.

            Correct permissions on the VOB or have user added to the
            correct group.


      Still having difficulty accessing VOB data?

      If you are still having problems accessing VOB data, you will need
      to look at the Samba logs and increase the debugging level of the
      smbd processes to see exactly what is happening. See Difficulties
      mounting VOBS or accessing shares <share_access.html> for more

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