[Samba] Re: Windows XP machine not connecting to Samba 3.04 after upgrade

Wolfgang Riedmann wolfgang at riedmann.it
Mon May 24 09:18:53 GMT 2004


as I wrote before: I'm not able to connect a Windows XP Pro notebook 
to a Samba 3.0.4 server. All the other machines (most Windows XP Pro, 
but also a few Windows 2000 and Windows 98) can connect without any 
This one machine is not part of the NT domain because it needs to 
connect 1 or 2 times a week only, and is on the road most of the 
The machine could connect flawlessy when the server was Samba 2.2.8a, 
and even to 3.0.2.

I have searched with Google the internet and the newsgroups, but 
couldn't find anything usable.

I have set log level to 2 but nothing usable could be found. 

I have disabled packet signing on this machine - no change.

I have tried other users. All users can connect from all machines, 
from this machine no user can connect.


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