[Samba] recovering files from .recyle

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Mon May 24 08:12:53 GMT 2004

Thanks Robin,

I'm not sure if my Samba was compiled with the vfs options but I'll set up a
test machine with 2.2.8a and see what happens :-).  As far as the users
accessing the .recycle directory I won't be too concerned... in fact I
probably won't even tell then it exists, if it works I can earn a few
chocolate bars for "doing something very complex and technical" to recover
lost files for them :-)))


Monday morning, week's only just started so I'm still in good gumour.

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> On Fri, 21 May 2004, Mike Stewart Top-Posted:
> > Hi Robin, sorry I can't help but.... I didn't know there was such an
> > so I've looked at the how-to and it's not helping me :-( how did you set
> > up as it's something I would really like to try.
> >
> > The how-to I'm looking at is for Samba v3 but I'm using Samba 2.2.8a -
> > you know if it's possible in that version ?
> >
> I have not tried version 2 of samba but I have read the documentation for
> version two and it seems to have all the same features, althoug the syntax
> is slightly different. This is what I have in my smb.conf. So far I can
> see that a directory .recycle is created but it does not show up in my
> windows browser, yet. I still have to get to the point where users can
> restore items.
> <snip>
> ;recyclebin options for samba version 3
> recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp *.o *.obj ~$*
> recycle:keeptree = True
> recycle:touch = True
> recycle:versions = True
> recycle:noversions = .doc|.xls|.ppt
> recycle:repository = .recycle
> recycle:maxsize = 10000000
> create mask = 0777
> directory mask = 0777
> vfs objects = recycle
> </snip>

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