[Samba] Problems upgrading from 2.2.7a to 3.0.2a

Jeremy irwinr12 at yahoo.com
Sun May 23 21:04:19 GMT 2004

Ok, an update:

I've been trying all kinds of things.  The closest thing to making it work, was
doing the following on the new server:

stop samba
delete all files in /var/cache/samba
start samba
log in to an empty profile
log out
copy profile over
recursively delete all desktop.ini files in my profile
log back in.

I now get a desktop with no missing icons, my background comes up, etc.

However, my experience is that I have to repeat this horrid process for every
user.  Before I go through all this, does anyone know why this is happening? 
What's in these desktop.ini files that can't handle switching to a different
server?  Oh, and get this:

After I got a user working on the new server under the domain name
'testworkgroup', I decided I would see what would happen if I changed the
domain name to 'newworkgroup'.  I changed it, and joined the new domain. 
Logged in my domain user, and the start menu/desktop/theme/settings were
screwed up in exactly the same was as they were when I switched to the new
server with the SAME domain name.  To sum:

1.)  If you switch from one server to another, even if the servers have the
same hostname, IP address and domainname, Windows whacks out.

2.)  If the server stays the same, and the ONLY thing you change is the
domainname, Windows -still- whacks out.  So it's not the server, and it's not
the IP address, not the hostname, and not the domain name.  What is it exactly
that is being changed that Windows does not like?  I am at a total loss.


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