[Samba] Problems upgrading from 2.2.7a to 3.0.2a

Jose Martinez jvm_vi at bellsouth.net
Sun May 23 18:09:51 GMT 2004


Also try this. I had the same stuff happen to me and I'm still experiencing
some issues but trying to get through them. This seemed to work also

net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Users" unixgroup=users 
net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=admins 
net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Guests" unixgroup=nobody


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Do you think the session ID would have anything to do with the lost Windows
settings, themes, icons, etc?


--- Gary MacKay <gary at edisoninfo.com> wrote:
> The biggest thing you need is the SID from the old samba. I think it
> have gone better if you had copied over all of the samba files and got
> running first, then upgrade it to 3.x. Microsoft networking/domains tie
> of stuff, to the network SID. Look on the old server for /var/lib/samba or

> /var/cache/samba folders. I 'think' what you are looking for is in the 
> /var/cache/samba folder.
> Something to try:
> remove 3.x on new server
> install 2.2.7 on new server
> copy all files from /var/cache/samba from old server
> test that machines login to 2.2.7 as before but with new server
> down all workstations
> upgrade 3.04 on top of 2.2.7
> modify smb.conf file appropriately
>    (ie.  valid users = @users  now is valid users = +users ) The @ is
>           still supposed to work but I never could get it to.
> Test login a workstation
> - Gary
> Jeremy wrote:
> > First, a little background:
> > 
> > For over a year now, we've had a 400 Mhz celeron running Samba 2.2.7 on
> RedHat
> > 9, acting as a PDC for an office of about 8 Windows XP client PCs.  It
> done
> > a great job, but we recently bought a new Dell Poweredge 400 sc (2.4 Ghz
> P-4)
> > to replace it.  I installed Gentoo on it, with Samba 3.0.2a.  I also
> the
> > entire /home tree from the old box to the new one, preserving
> > (Yes, I copied the users  entries from /etc/passwd, all the UIDs and
> > match.)  (Profiles are subdirectories of each users home dir).  I also
> copied
> > over the smbpasswd file.  I didn't copy the smb.conf file though, I went
> > through it, line by line, and copied configuration info by hand, making
> sure
> > everything was correct.
> > 
> > Ok, so, after all this, I thought I was good to make the switch.  I
> I'd
> > be smart and shut down all the client PCs, shut down the old server,
> configure
> > the new server to have the same hostname and IP address, start Samba,
> start
> > the client PCs, and hope they'd just use the new machine as the domain
> server. 
> > Nope.  Oh well, I'll just go in and re-join the domain...  Wrong again. 
> The
> > infamous "There cannot be multiple connections to the server..." crap. 
> Took me
> > several hours of searching the net to figure out that -Shortcuts- to
> > files/folders on the server can cause that message.  Ok, so I got it to
> join
> > the domain.  I log off Administrator, and log in as a domain user.
> > 
> > Login works wonderfully.  I am so happy.  But, after everything is
> i
> > notice things are off.  Background is gone, I get a message about "Could
> not
> > reconnect all network drives"  (There are usually two drives mapped to
> > server, Y and Z.  The Z drive maps just fine.  (Y maps to the 'public'
> shared
> > directory for all users, while Z maps to the users home directory).
> > 
> > I'm dumbfounded, so I click 'Start' to go into control panel, and
> > suprise, the icons on the left side of XP's two sides start menu, are
> > 
> > When I go to the display control panel, the theme box is entirely black,
> when
> > you try to change any settings, you get "Cannot access C:\Windows\<some
> obscure
> > file> error).
> > 
> > I have dug and dug, I cannot find anything anywhere on the net about
> > having any problem even remotely similiar to this.
> > 
> > Any help, is -greatly- appreciated.  This is the most confounding issue
> I've
> > ever seen.  It's almost like the 'settings' for the profile aren't
> > copied over.
> > 
> > -Jeremy
> > 
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