[Samba] getent ??

Roberto Mason programmer at rmasonfamily.info
Sun May 23 13:49:57 GMT 2004

Sorry for asking this question again, I'm hoping someone can answer it.

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I've installed Fedora Core 2 from scratch, got my DNS and VNC to work, next
is Samba. I was running previously SAMBA 2.28a but now I'm working with
3.04. I've since bought Samba-3 by Example, and I'm following it fairly
closely. I've got samba to work with no shares yet, I've run initgrps.sh to
create my Domain Groups. Winbind is working.  I do a getent groups and this
is what I get



------------------------------- shortened the output of getent

BUILTIN\System Operators:x:10000:
BUILTIN\Power Users:x:10003:
BUILTIN\Print Operators:x:10004:
BUILTIN\Account Operators:x:10006:
BUILTIN\Backup Operators:x:10007:

Now my Domain is MEPHISTOPHELES. Shouldn't the output be more
MEPHISTOPHELES\System Operators. or is this correct?



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