[Samba] Printing not working after upgrading to 3.0.4

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Sun May 23 09:40:32 GMT 2004

Kurt Pfeifle schrieb:

>> Skip Morrow skip-samba at pelorus.org
>> Sat May 22 22:54:26 GMT 2004
>> I had been running Samba to share my HP printer among my Windows XP 
>> clients.  When I upgraded to 3.0.4, I can no longer print.  When I 
>> start the print job in Windows XP, the printer lights blinks for a few 
>> seconds, and then stops. No pages come out.  The print job is shown as 
>> complete in the CUPS web intrface.  Printing from the Linux box works 
>> just fine.  I read the Samba pages concerning printing, and the 
>> chapter on CUPS, but I don't see anything that could cause this problem. 
> I read your mail, but I don't see anything that could cause
> your problem.
> Please re-post with a few more details.
> Tell us about your printer type(s), the driver(s) you use on
> the Win clients, which Samba version you was using previously,
> what the settings of your smb.conf are (please strip comments),
> which CUPS version you use, which OS version your Samba is
> installed on, etc.
>> The share is still listed in smbclient, and I have tried re-installing 
>> the printer from Windows.  
> Cheers,
> Kurt
Hi, i had many printing Problems as i upgraded to sernet suse samba rpms
3.04, i now use suse orginal rpms from ftp.suse.com projects samba ( 
which seems now is the valid update path )
and the problems are gone , so it looks like a compile problem to cups 
devel by sernet .. or something like this , this just for info

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